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How we invest

Our private equity and venture capital firm invests in Russia, CIS, US, Europe and Asia in average from $300k to $2m to help founders move from idea to product or service to revenue and, ultimately, to profitability. Besides money we provide companies with top-level support from renowned mentors from all over the world to help companies grow faster using top expertise and connections.

Seed Seed Seed


We invest $100-300K to help founders move from idea to product or service and first revenue.

Venture Venture Venture


Venture stage for us is first sales or product (service) ready to enter the market. We invest $300-500K to scale-up, build and expand market positions.

Growth Growth Growth


Growth stage means revenues from $K-1M and we invest to support expansion to dominate the market or to enter new niches. We invest from $500K-2M with our partners in rapidly growing companies to scale-up, build and expand market positions, and realize the highest ambitions.

What we are looking for

We seek creative, smart and entrepreneurial spirited people whose ambition is to grow businesses and tap new markets. It is them, who will change the landscape of business culture and we are proud to represent and associate with some of the best of them. Determination and defiance are the core values of these young people. They are the new generation that works to advance the technology and the way of living globally. Our expertise allows us to choose the best entrepreneurs on the market and help them grow leading companies with global ambitions.

We work only with those individuals who share our values. As a team which manages funds of our investors, we must be sure that our partners share our approach. We will never take money from those who don't – no matter how much money they would offer. We would rather invest a dollar with a partner with free slots whom we share the same philosophy, than a million with the one who doesn’t share our ideals.


Our approach

  • We prefer long-term investments of 3-7 years or longer;
  • We don't seek fast results and don't like speculative deals;
  • We would rather say NO to a company in «fashionable» industry and say YES to a strong and enthusiastic team from not-so-trendy industry;
  • We become a real part of the team of investee company and work with them day-to-day not only as board members but also help them to hire professionals, get new clients and sign new co-investors;
  • We are totally immersed in the challenges of business and we count on a complete dedication. We believe that only 100% enthusiasts, true fans of the business are able to reach success;
  • We treat our investors as full partners who help us in the development of our business, just as we help our companies;
  • We provide full disclosure of all our actions to our investors and share all information. We expect the same from entrepreneurs who are looking for investments from us.

Deep Tech companies, including:

  • Robotics and artificial intelligence in various industries and fields
  • Online services
  • Mobile software applications
  • Cloud solutions
  • eLearning
  • Data and project management software applications